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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tablecloth Flair

I'm making a tablecloth (well, modifying one) for my craft fair.  I'm becoming a fan of Anna Maria Horner's line of fabric and decided to use her design for my modification. I took an existing tablecloth that I hadn't used (60"x 90") and added a border.

Directions for modifying your own tablecloth:
1.  Measure the tablecloth, then figure out how wide you want the border to be. (You can always take your tablecloth measurement to your favorite fabric store and they will figure this out for you).
2. Pick out your fabric. 
3. Use your rotary cutter for precise cuts, or use your scissors. Remember to iron before cutting. (I picked a repeating pattern, so I just cut on the pattern- my way of cheating).
4.  Carefully pin wrong sides together. (You may need to sew the borders together if they aren't long enough. Be sure to iron the seams).
5. Then, sew the top border on the tablecloth and then the bottom.
6. Sew the side borders on (make sure to overlap and sew over the top/bottom border pieces).
7. Create your hem (fold under 1/4" then another 1/4") and topstitch.

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