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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shark Attack!

I decided to make something for my son. I made a shark stencil and used acrylic paint on his onesie. This is very easy to do if you want to decorate any of your children's clothes.

Materials needed:
blank stencils
acrylic paint
foam brushes
shark pattern (click on "My Additions" to the right)
cardboard (for inside of shirt) and palette

Time: less than an hour


1. Print out shark pattern.

2. Trace onto blank stencil.
3. Cut out pattern, being careful at corners.
4. Place cardboard on inside of shirt.
5. Place stencil in desired location.
6. On palette, squeeze out paint. Lightly dip in foam brush.
7. Lightly dot area of the shark. Do not put too much on or it will get under the stencil. You can layer a second time, if you need to.
8. Let dry.
9. Use an iron with towel over the shark to set the paint and VOILA!

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