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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to make your own hot pads

I made myself a couple of hot pads from scrap fabric. You can make whatever size you like. 
Finished hot pad

Scrap fabric
Scrap batting
thread, sewing machine

1. I stitched together scap fabric to make two 9" x 11" rectangular pieces. 
2. I then used scrap batting and layered it with the batting down, backside facing right side up, front side facing wrong side up. 
3. Then I stitched all around, leaving about a 1-2" opening for turning. 
4. I turned it right side out, pressed it, then topstitched all the way around, making sure that the opening was stitched closed. You can always slipstitch the opening closed too. 
5. Then, quilt as desired. 

I like to use hot pads to practice my machine quilting. It didn't take very long to do either. Enjoy!

Layer pieces for stitching.

Turn right side out.


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