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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reupholstering Chairs

I've reupholstered my kitchy chartreuse and yellow chairs several times. This time I'm creating an explanation. I have an oil cloth table cloth that I haven't used since we had the babies and it was the perfect dimension for four seats. If you have your own chairs with vinyl or other fabric seats you can easily change them on your own. Follow the directions below for help.

Directions for Reupholstering Chairs:

Materials needed:

basic drill
phillips head drill bit
phillips head wood screws (1.5 inches, less or more depending upon your chairs).
staple gun and size T50 staples
new fabric
chair foam, or polyester (if it is worn out)

Removing the seat

1. You need to remove the chair seat using a basic power drill. Use the bit that corresponds to the screw. For example, I used a phillips head drill bit. When engaging the bit into the screw, pull it out. After removing the seat you will need to remove the fabric. My favorite tools are plyers and a flat head screw driver. I dig the flat head screw driver into the nail to loosen it then the pliers to pull it out. This is work on its own.

Measuring the fabric and foam

2. You can use the fabric you took off the chairs and measure to figure out how much you will need of your new fabric. If it's not too dirty I would just bring it in to you favorite fabric store and ask for sizing help.

Seat on top of new fabric. (Before removing old fabric)
3. If you need new foam you will also need to size this. If you have to buy this, this will usually be the most expensive material you buy. I trace the seat onto the foam and then cut. Cut the foam slightly larger than the seat for comfort purposes. My foam has lasted through 3 years and several spills (I scotch guarded the fabric) and it is still good for this next project.

Stapling the fabric

4. Lay the plywood and foam face onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Corner with staple.

Side with staple

5. Pulling tightly, staple the corners down (one staple) and then pull down a side very tightly. After doing this basic step I then make the corners neater. Pick a corner and fold the fabric on both sides of the corner very tightly and staple. Repeat this steps until all seats are stapled with your new fabric.

Secure the seat to the chair

6. With your drill, insert and tighen the phillips head drill bit into your drill. Insert the wood screw into the appropriate position of your chair. See picture for help.

Wood Screw placed underside seat.

Placing drill bit in wood screw.

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