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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the Halls!

Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

I’ve just become the biggest fan of decoupage. I used scrap fabric from last year’s Christmas projects to make these ornaments. This was a very easy project.

Time: a couple hours to create, plus wait time to “cure” the glue

Supplies needed:
Fabric of choice (with holiday themes or pictures you can cut out)

Glass Ornaments (I bought a pack of 4 at Hobby Lobby that were more flat than cylindrical for ease of gluing).

Elmer’s Glue or Fabric Glue
Decoupage Finish (I used Royal Coat)
Quality Paint Brush or foam sponge (I used a paintbrush for acrylic paints)
Inkjet printer for any special words or messages
Wet sponge


1. Create special words or a message in a document, then print. I used the words "Peace, Love, Joy," and "2011."

2. Glue the text from your inkjet printer using Elmer’s or Fabric glue (THIS PREVENTS THE INK FROM RUNNING- DO NOT USE DECOUPAGE FINISH). Put the glue on the back and then stick to position of choice on ornament, then brush glue on front.

3. Let sit overnight to dry.  The next day you can cut out shapes to put on alternate side. Use the decoupage glue on the fabric, backside first, glue to position, then brush glue over fabric.

4. Use a wet sponge to wipe off excess glue.

5. After glue has dried, continue to put more fabric elements on ornament, or leave as is. Be sure to use the decoupage finish over the inkjet words/message after the Elmer's/Fabric glue has dried. This seals it in.

6. You can put ribbon or other decorative elements inside the ornament, if you like.

According to decoupage instruction, it takes about 4 weeks to “cure,” so if you want to make these, I would start today. 

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