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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cupcake Applique

My daughter's first birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a special outfit. I made her a red, blue, and yellow tutu and wanted to create a matching shirt. So, I drew up a cupcake applique and it went from there. If you'd like to create this yourself, just click on the link to my Etsy page to purchase the pattern.


How to create the cupcake appliqué:

Supplies needed:
3 pieces of scrap fabric (I like to use flannel for the frosting)
1 button
iron on interfacing
rick rack
cupcake pattern pieces (click on my Etsy shop)

Time: about an hour if done by machine

Concentration needed: some during blanket stitching

Can be done with kids in the room? First 7 steps can be (if children do not have access to iron).

Machine washable/dryable: YES! (Can steam fabric beforehand. I would wash the finished garment on cold if mixing pink/red colors with a white fabric, just in case).

1. Print out cupcake pattern.

2. Trace designs onto iron on transfer paper (you can buy by the yard at fabric stores).

3. Cut around designs (not on lines yet) and place on fabric choices for each piece.

4. Iron on designs (fusible iron side on wrong side of fabric).

5. Cut on lines you’ve traced for each piece.

6. Arrange pieces onto shirt (or other material) as you like.

7. Peel off backing for cake, place on shirt, and iron on.

8. Continue to iron on pieces, with the cup second, frosting third, and button last.

9. Blanket stitch by hand or machine (or satin stitch around edging). I like to use a machine blanket stitch because it is fast and looks more homemade. You can make the frosting “pop” by using a contrasting thread.

*If you satin stitch you will need to use embroider interfacing in the back. Also, you will need some sort of knit fusible backing so it’s not scratchy for a youngster.

10. Be sure to double back on the blanket stitch or hand knot the beginning and end. 

11. Sew on the button. Make sure it is secured tightly so it is not a choking hazard.

12. Stitch on the rick rack with a straight line stitch on the ends and down the center.

13. Trim the thread ends and voila! Put  the new shirt on your child. :)